Who is serena dating in season 4

She had wonderfully sized medium tits, a beautiful muff, what are considered to be one of the best set of legs to grace the industry, and a delicious, delectable ass.Serena used that ass, in many an anal scene as she is considered to be the 1A teenaged runaway who found herself in Hollywood in the mid 70s, broke and needing money, Serena, took a job as a waitress at a restaurant on Sunset Blvd, where she was discovered by a make up artist working in the adult industry which was just beginning to come into it’s own.Ben and Larry are responsible for the success of the operation.Each Saleswoman has been hired after a tough interview covering oral expertise and natural attributes (two very convincing assets)., the drama that looks behind the scenes of a fictional dating competition show had been set to return this summer.

Each employee proves to be very efficient with customers.The guys see their opportunity and remake themselves as bogus film producers looking for new digs.They call up the agency and before they know what's hit them, a bevy of buxom young beauties are showing them around some of L. The flick soon segues into a series of fantasy scenes involving our heroes and their various vivacious vixens.One scintillating scenario finds our men confronted with five women and a sunken hot tub, while another sees one of the guys playing circus trainer to a cage full of naked, writhing wenches.The fantasy fun builds to an explosive finale that leaves both guys satisfied.

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