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He also known to encourage Positivity and Self love with his friends and the fans, his motto being "Spread the Peace!

" This is a direct effect of his experience with bullying he he was younger due to not fitting in, despite this he encourages fans to "Be Themselves" and has even described himself as a Misfit stating that his differences are part of the things that make him special.

He let us go through and we waited for a bit then they came out and hug us. " Yo I invited the girls to the party ." "What girls" said prodigy.

Mindless Behavior has adjusted to many group member changes.Right." He began developing dancing and singing skills with Mindless Behavior when he was eleven. He helped Mindless Behavior release their top ten debut album, #1 Girl, in 2011, and toured with Justin Bieber and the Backstreet Boys. Princeton said that one thing that the fans don't know about him is that he still likes to be to himself and keep things just to him.He looks up to many of artists such as: Michael Jackson, Prince, Usher and Chris Brown.

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