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Was there ever a point where you considered not making his story that, per se, but being more explicit about it? I think we already do have, not a lot of narrative about how difficult it is to be trans, but some -- because it is really difficult.

But I can't think of many that are just about trans people being happy and being in love, you know? I think a big goal for this was normalizing a lot of this stuff and just treating it like it's not a big deal.

So yeah, I think we've always kind of struck that delicate balance from the beginning of development.

By the end you're in a position where you might be dating somebody, but much of it remains vague. Grey: We never wanted to make any of the dads' stories revolve around their sexuality, because I think there's already a lot of stories about that experience and there's so many stories that are really angsty, or solely about coming out, or just that mostly revolve around someone's sexuality.Shaw: Because of that, I intentionally focused more on the idea of being a dad.Being a dad to someone isn't necessarily a genetic link to someone.But that's also not the kind of story we wanted to tell, in a lot of cases.For example, I've seen a lot of people say that Joseph's past fails to reconcile his sexuality with his religion.

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