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Ville Valo cares very much about others' opinions and craves love and appreciation as much as anyone - however one would never know it from Valo's reserved and seemingly detached demeanor.

Casual, superficial relationships do not interest Ville at all.

He is cautious and serious about love and really desires deep, genuine, lasting relationships.

Ville Valo is old-fashioned about courtship and love relationships, and will remain faithful to his loved one in good times and in bad.

Gentle and often rather passive as well, he will not fight or assert himself, even when he needs to.

Ville Valo is very sympathetic and somewhat naive emotionally and must guard against being taken advantage of.

The concert was originally billed as a gig by RAMBO RIMBAUD, the solo project of Ville Valo.

Ville Valo also needs a great deal of emotional freedom and mobility.We had the same drummer for fifteen years, and then, all of a sudden, now we have to find somebody who would actually fill that hole, so to speak. So, hopefully, yeah, we go back home in about a week, and then start, little by little, working on the new stuff — which would mean that, if we're lucky, it would be out in a year.So, Christmas next year, I'd say."Kröger made his live debut with HIM on July 25 during a surprise performance at the Qstock festival in Oulu, Finland.Ville values luxury, comfort, and elegance very highly and appreciates beautiful things. Being overly possessive of people he loves and of his belongings is something Ville Valo needs to beware of.He needs a lot of emotional and romantic stimulation, and may not be very interested in having just one mate or love partner.

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Ville Valo may be attracted to older persons who are emotionally mature and reliable and can provide the security Ville desires.

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