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Life keeps getting better everyday and I can't wait to see what's next! I have found the most amazing, fabulous woman on SD. We exchanged a couple of emails about what we do for a living, and how long had we been on this site, nothing too in depth, just a couple of questions.

It's like I've been struck by a bolt of lightning - I've been in a daze ever since we found each other. Had it not been for SD the chances of my meeting this guy would have been very very slim. :) I have met my Prince on this site and he has asked me to marry him!!! , My Dating Status: I have just met the most wonderful woman from this website. The gentleman then called me on the phone and we talked.

I'm very proud of it and I'm very grateful for him in my life.

She is beautiful, intelligent, passionate, and my heart skips a few beats every time I think of her. So I am leaving my account active and hope each of you will shoot me a note with your email address! We married on May 12th and we are expecting a baby Jan 2007! Of all the places to meet I never would have imagined that I would find someone so smart, so beautiful, a woman with such depth of character, and so perfect for me. At this time I am going to take a break and spend time dating with the man who has met and exceeded the descriptors below. We agreed to meet for a one hour coffee date and it went very well.

She is a dream come true; I have to keep pinching myself to confirm that I am in fact not dreaming. Love and kisses, What I've been looking for is someone who can give me the passion I've never had. Good Luck everyone I hope all your dreams come true too! I thank her, and the people who created this website. Ah with a long SY I draw my breath and praise the SD clan for this. He was a perfect gentleman, we laughed, talked, listened to eachother and the best part is he made no physical advances on me, and after the hour we left. He then emailed me at my regular email the next morning, and thanked me for a nice date and we both agreed to continue on for a second date. The first three dates all went well, they were very light, fun, and just general getting to know who you are type dates, and enjoying eachother's company.

Just be yourself and open yourself up to the incredible possibilities. I used to own a web design company and we specialized in interactive site design. If it wasn’t for your site, I would not have met some of the most wonderful gentlemen who have treated me like a queen. I'm no longer looking, I've met a wonderful man on this site and he is everything a girl could ask for, kind, loving, gentle and generous! I just found someone who is really cute and I cannot wait to spend more time with him. Time went on, we formed an incredible relationship.

You will be blissfully rewarded, just like I have been. , This is a fabulous online website and a wonderful vehicle for professionals who are culturally and intellectually attuned, to correspond and possibly meet. Twain once said, WHY NOT go out on a limb, the fruit is out there! Alonda, I have found my best friend and my true Love. After being on a few other cumbersome, tedious and confusing dating sites, this site blows all others away with its simplicity and focus. Regards, A friend of mine had success finding a wonderful man on here whom she is now engaged to. Good luck to all my great friends from this site - and I have been so blessed to have formed many lasting relationships/friendships on this site over the past couple years! Who would have thought you could find real love on a site like's you SLC. This man helped me with my business and guided me into my finances and helped improve my life immensely. He shared his life with me and helped restore in me a lot of hope and faith again, that it is possible to be happy, secure, and proud of it. Some people that were in my life prior to me meeting my special friend here, found out about how he and I met and are trying to chastise me and the special bond my friend and I have formed.

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I never expected to fall in love here, but it's happening. Thanks, Just wanted to say, loved your interview on The Richard Judy show this week. Thank you, I am writing this because I feel compelled to. It was the first time I joined and I had no idea what to expect. I had some rules about being physical and my date gladly respected those rules.

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