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PLANT CITY - Firefighters used a new pet first-aid kit to save a 4-year-old dog that was trapped in a burning home.

Plant City Fire Rescue crews used the kit to give the Australian shepherd/border collie mix oxygen after she was pulled from her hiding place under a bed.

Taking your faithful pet dog for a stroll may be good for cardiovascular health, but it can also be dangerous.

According to a CDC report, many people get hurt every year when chasing or tripping over their pets -- cats as well as dogs.

The study, published in the Journal of Safety Research, shows that dogs and cats contribute to injuries that send an estimated 87,000 people to emergency rooms every year.

The study also shows that:--Dogs are more dangerous to their owners than cats, associated with 7.5 times as many injuries as felines.--Women are 2.1 times more likely to be injured by pets than men.--Injury rates are highest among people age 75 and over, but pets are a hazard for people of all ages.--Fractures and contusions or abrasions are the most common pet-related injuries.--66.4% of falls associated with cats and 31.3% associated with dogs are caused by falling or tripping over the animal.--21.2% of falls linked to dogs were caused by being pushed or pulled. Falls and ER visits suggest the need for more pet-obedience training for dogs, but basic prevention strategies should be implemented to help people reduce their risk of injury when walking Rover or reaching for the cat, says Judy A.

Firefighters were called to the home 4727 Westwind Drive in the Country Hills subdivision about 4 p.m. The homeowner told firefighters that everyone was out, but the dog was still inside, Wilson said.Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, MD, an Atlanta internist and past president of the American College of Physicians, tells Web MD she sees pet-caused injuries quite often.Dogs, she says, cause more problems to her patients than cats."I tell patents to be careful, make sure you walk the dog, not let the dog walk you," she says.Are you willing to share your pet advice and experiences?If so: Include your First Name and Last Initial, City/Town & State.

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