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Thanks alot for this information I do have the Same PMP player, but I don't have the Driver Cd with it and I am not able to use the Pc Camera Feature If you can upload the Driver Cd I'll be Highly thankful. help me [email protected] I first got it it worked fine.

My PMP player does not have an FM player But can I upgrade the Drivers to get the FM player(Radio)........ Can any One Tell about The Driver Where I Can Download Becouse FRm Pro Driver Is Not Use . I made no changes to it but a week later it refused to play ANYTHING. That includes photos, videos, MP3's, and even the games that were pre-installed on the unit. There is a reset button in the back of the player, no help.

Dear sir i have 1 mp4 player jxd200b when i press the power buttom it always show "liting your life" then nothing happen i tried to update my jxd200b but i can't detect to my pc plaese help to detect to my pc how can i make my computer recognize my mp5 player ???? JPG from I want to change the splash and update the firmware if possible.. I have a kingneed MP4 With this Id: Anyka AK3221MB2440 FA03E7 on its CPU! I have to say, My problem is that After a while my device didn't work and just is showin a massage that "The system is broken..." I hope you have time to help me. so please tell me how can i put my jxd692 on camera mode.... When i connect this player to TV it shows a blue screen with menu logos of the player on the TV screen.

message is coming Please Please Please Help Me my Mail ID is " [email protected]" i have a mp5 but i cant use it anamore bec. SINCE THAT DAY I AM UNABLE TO CONNECT IT AGAIN TO MY PC. AT THAT TIME I WAS NOT AWARE THAT WHILE UPDATING FIRMWARE PLAYER SHOULD NOT DISCONNECT.


It's LIKE a large flash drive that stores all the files you tranfer to it, it just can't play those files itself. first my english is no very good, I speak spanish so i do my best. this is my pmp MXD-z Touch how looks like i've the cd which came whit it but i did not see any drivers inside, it come with software to convert video, the software(FMR Pro) to change the firmware or update it and a back-up of the firmware. help [email protected] have chinese mp4/mp3 player but when i put software in my chip through computer and put that memory stick in chinese mp4 player it is not detected or seen on that.

You can play those files on the computer from the device so the data is uncorrupted, IT'S IN THERE!!!! I've tried changing all the various SETUP settings and NOTHING helps. Soem work perfectly, some don't interface with my computer, but I have NEVER had this problem before. So if anyone have the same pmp and need the cd be free to email me at this address [email protected]'m also searching for a firmware update and find the way to add more game to it. how to install movie player or song player on my chinese mp4 player I am sure that your players will work again, but flashing/reprogramming of mp4 players need some experience, try, try and try again, you will win.

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