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Jared sent Betty a text message saying he noticed the petition was still up.When Betty replied that there were continued unanswered questions and that it might be best for the 4 of us to connect via a group e-mail, the friendly “we’re here to help” attitude immediately changed.I contacted a testing laboratory located in Quebec, Canada that specialized in essential oils and natural health products called Phytochemia to obtain pricing and shipping information.To avoid any claims of tampering or sabotage, I logged into my Young Living Virtual Office and placed an order for a bottle of Cinnamon Bark.The following day (Friday February 26th 2016) I received what appeared to be a fairly standard/generic form response from YL Product Support more or less telling me not to worry and called the whole ordeal a smear campaign by a competitor [copy of their reply can be found by clicking the thumbnail below, or by clicking HERE].Speculation and accusations began running rampant in the Facebook groups and Young Living’s name continued to be dragged through the “mud” so to speak.

[You can see a copy of the order verification by clicking the thumbnail image below or click HERE] On March 3rd 2016 I received notice from the Lab that they received my sample of Cinnamon Bark that I had Young Living send to them [receipt acknowledgement is available below] and was advised that I would have the results within 2 weeks time.

One of them had an unopened bottle of Cinnamon Bark with the same lot # originally tested and posted about back on February 25th.

They knew I was having a sample tested and wanted to know how they could go about getting their bottle tested, as well as another bottle of a different lot #, and a bottle of Thieves blend.

At this point in time I decided to collaborate with the group of three other distributors that had their samples sent in, and together we created a petition [found HERE] demanding that YL address our questions, specifically the ones we had following their last statement.

At almost 1300 signatures, the distributor that created the petition account (Betty), was contacted via phone from Jared Turner.

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They sent their samples off to the lab and roughly 2 weeks later received their results. [copies of their reports can be found below for download.

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