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I have a metal bonded Corset which ties up but I've a feeling the 'string' might be too small as it's about 2mm Get Japanese bondage rope from lovehoney- doesn't chafe and a 10m length and keeps the knot. As mine are weighty, and I like them tight and high, I start with one breast and loop around my neck just to take the weight. Have to say it's easier to get someone else to do it !

it also becomes thinner when under load so can cut in. Most breast harnesses will pull the wraps above and below the boobs together between them but they to go out and if bounteous downwards.Adding an extra pair of over shoulder lines that go outside the boobs as the ones in the centre to close the horizontal wraps either side of the boobs will help.Smooth to handle, takes knots well and doesn't stretch under non-suspension loadings ""Rope from B and Q, Red polyester 8mm braided, 79p metre.Smooth to handle, takes knots well and doesn't stretch under non-suspension loadings You've done this before a time or two lol"something I may have missed here..

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I your looking to bind the breasts tightly and really make them stand out you would be better looking at shibari and kinbaku sites as opposed to knotty boys fusion style bondage as this is more about pretty patterns.

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