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It is being re-posted in honor of Sister Okazaki, who passed away this week.

Oaks noted that he purposefully excluded women from the ceremonial shoveling out of respect for them because of the muddy conditions in front of the podium.

He didn’t want their shoes to get soiled.original artwork by (apparently) Justin Long–see here: " data-medium-file="https://bycommonconsent.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/captain_moroni_by_pwesty-d3hgv15.jpg?

Bishop’s wives, especially if they have young children, carry an enormous burden due to the frequent absence of their husbands (and of course children miss their dad). Question: “is dry humping against law of chastity” Answer: I’ll let our readers handle this one.

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(Series introduction) This is temple misinformation edition!

Question: “do mormons consummate their marriage in the temple” Answer: No. However, sometimes, as a result of nothing more than the hopeless naivete of some among us, we have been known to report a wedding being performed/officiated in the temple as having been “consummated” in the temple. [Read more…] The Washington Post has an interesting article about the church’s success with search-engine optimization, PR, and “controlling its image” online.

Sure, I prefer private education…but I don’t think that support for public education causes a man to lose his priesthood or grieve the heavens.[3] (I strongly encourage you to follow that link–read the post and comments and just bask in the Cocoa Puffs.

Typically, bishops will attend the weekly youth activity (Wednesday nights), then there are youth “firesides” (a kind of evening devotional, sometimes held at the church building and sometimes held in someone’s home) on many Sunday nights.

Then there are the endless pastoral duties of meeting with individuals, couples and families in his office (couple nights a week) or visiting their homes.

Never has Mormonism been so culturally relevant, and never has the undulating curve of popular opinion shifted so wildly, so quickly.

As the year draws to a close, I think we’re safe in naming 2011 “The Year of the Mormon.” The BCC permas have picked out a few reasons why: [Read more…] Following his remarks and the closing exercises, Oaks invited the four general authorities in attendance to shovel a scoop of dirt from the shallow trench, followed by the 26 stake presidents in the Payson Utah Temple District, then local government officials, and lastly, any 12-year-old ordained deacons.

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Continuing with the theme of how awesome I am at my callings, I thought I would share one of the more successful Sharing Time lessons I’ve done in my current calling in the Primary presidency.

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