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The money has been used to make new office space and upgrade homes.Andrew Dias, General Manager at the West End Development Corporation (WEDCO), said: The work was always in the pipeline but was given fresh impetus as a result an insurance payout from recent hurricanes and the Americas Cup.The North Basin Building #3 the Anchor Restaurant has also undergone renovation work including a roof replacement.Mr Dias added: Dockyard is a very important part of Bermudas tourism product and it is imperative that we at Wedco do not stand still.Later called HMS Malabar, it has remained empty since the Royal Navy left Dockyard in 1995.Craig Cannonier, Minister of Public Works, said the remarkable restoration was a fitting tribute to the buildings history.

To think that I was here only a few months ago touring a dilapidated building and now to see it today is truly amazing.We have to continually invest and reinvent ourselves to keep us ahead of the competition. As it looks today, a far cry from its original purpose dating back to 1795 as a fortified Royal Navy Dockyard following Britain's defeat by the USA in the 1776 to 1783 American Revolution. With the Militia Act 1794 and the end of the American War of Independence, Bermuda began to assume an importance to the Admiralty that would see it become the base of the North America and West Indies Squadron, and the site of the only full Naval dockyard West of Portsmouth, England except for Halifax in Nova Scotia and of possibly more strategic importance in the event of invasion of Canada by the USA.The Royal Navy Dockyard subsequently built in Bermuda was designed not primarily for defence but for attack, from which to launch a Royal Navy invasion of the USA.People will be able to work, rest and play in the Royal Naval Dockyard.Some of the major restorations include work on Prince Alfred Terrace which is being renovated and restored to apartments at a cost of approximately .5 million.

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