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I took 2 friends to lunch at Fisherman's Wharf and the waitress told me they were having problems with their processing of my Landry's Select Card but that the POINTS WOULD BE ADDED. I contacted the club and told them I no longer had the receipt but just a copy of my bank statement showing that I had used my debit card at that restaurant for the amount I claimed on that day. No more Landry's Tilman Fertitta establishments of any kind for me. I did go to the BBB, filed a formal complaint - letters and emails went back and forth.Of course they won't even notice but my money goes somewhere else now. I was assured that my Landry's Select Card had been cancelled, and my name had been removed from their email list. On August 21st I received and email with my updated points - I haven't been in one of their restaurants in almost 3 years! I have gone back to the Houston, TX BBB to re-open the complaint.When I can't sell them they plan to take shifts away from me. I can't make people spend on something they flat out don't want!I can't pay my rent this month because of the loss in shifts!I downloaded the Landry's app on my phone and confirmed the credit.The woman returned again and was still having problems.I cancelled my Landry Select Card and Unsubscribed from their emailing list in December 2010.

The waiter said he would make the adjustment and went into the back.

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, all social media and any other way that I can think of to stop them!!!

I even wrote a letter to their CEO 3 months ago, and received no response.

I called to cancel and they told me( in a ### tone) it would take 2-3 weeks to refund my money.

So I called American express about the fraud and they will take care of it. Last November for my birthday, I went to a Landry's restaurant fully expecting to be able to use my birthday reward.

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They don't care about the guests and they don't care that I can't pay my rent! My complaint is before I even went to any of their restaurants.

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