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The premise given by the literature is: the faster you want do go down the road, the ‘fatter’ you make the pulses going into the reaction chamber.

Duty cycle will vary with the throttle in the vicinity of 90%MARK 10%SPACE (OFF/ON).

You will be installing a few simple safety devices, using current automotive standards.It is possible to make a hybrid of both gas and water (a system that is being tested now in Mexico), which would eliminate the need to open the head and remove the exhaust system. It takes only a small amount of gas to keep the system dry.Now, with existing technology, anyone can stand up and make a difference by reducing the local automotive pollution, eliminate gasoline expenses, help restore our atmosphere, and breathe a little easier.If you test it out, though, do as the writer suggests and use an old car that doesn’t represent a loss of value if you can’t make it work.And leave everything intact so that you can always reconnect back to gas if you have to.

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