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That's when it finally happened, after coming home from class Friday night.Sam went about his usual ritual of dropping his book bag in the corner of the tiny studio apartment then flipping his laptop open to check his email. A tiny little red dot notification beside an email with a picture file attached. ' Sam felt his heart instantly skip a beat, although he made the profile in hopes of maybe meeting someone new and possibly starting a relationship.I'd like to get to know you more, and possibly meet up if you're interested? Alicia.' Sam must've re-read the email a thousand times, not believing his own eyes. She had long black hair, tied into a ponytail, with piercing brown eyes behind a pair of black rimmed glasses and a pearly white smile.

Fighting through the slight apprehension, he filled out the rest of the details for his profile, interests, body type, hobbies, etc.

Plus something about that stare she was giving him through his computer, like she was staring right through him, made his heart skip a beat.

That was how it started, he quickly messaged her back ignoring the possibility of it being some type of ruse or prank, telling her that he thought she was beautiful and he was indeed interested in getting to know her more.

His high school graduation photo set as his profile picture staring back at him with a big smile.

He blew air out from between his lips, "And now we wait." Now the first few days went by with no bites, his lonely page just remained in the 'seeking my Miracle' status despite him frequently checking it.

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:) ***** Sam nervously tapped his fingers against the half full shot glass.

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