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Description: SCP-1000 is a nocturnal, omnivorous ape, classified in the .

Adults range in size from 1.5 to 3 m (5 to 10 ft) in height, and weigh between 90 and 270 kg (200 - 600 lbs).

This disease is passed on at the genetic level and affects every present-day instance of SCP-1000.

The majority of SCP-1000 instances are born immune to the effect; those who are not born immune quickly die.

All known significant populations of SCP-1000 located near human population centers have been eliminated.

Remaining members have either joined the Foundation, or have gone into hiding, presumably as members of the Serpent's Hand.

Weapons, tools, and other unique pseudo-technological resources in possession of the organization have been classified as SCP-1000-001 through SCP-1000-████.

These resources have been made use of by the Foundation in multiple instances; for a full list, see Document 1000-3534-Y (Level 3 clearance required).

It is not currently feasible to exterminate SCP-1000 entirely.

The highest known population concentrations of SCP-1000 are at present located in the Pacific Northwest region of North America and the Himalayan Mountain range in Asia. SCP-1000's presence and [DATA EXPUNGED] have also been documented within the past 5 years on every continent.

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The effect of SCP-1000-f1 is as follows: Any hominid (including humans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and non-immune instances of SCP-1000) that directly or indirectly observes any instance of SCP-1000 has a minimum 2% chance of being instantly killed through anomalous means via permanent cessation of brain function.

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