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Red is released - October 22nd 2012Dianna tweeted a picture of her listening to Everything Has Changed. When the show aired, Dianna’s character Quinn ends up having sex with Naya’s character, Santana. So basically Dianna tricked Taylor into watching her character have sex with another girl.Taylor then deleted the tweet, and tweeted something else about her dancers. Dianna’s Birthday - April 29th, 2013Dianna tweets this video, and even though Taylor had a week off during the Red tour (planned on purpose), they don’t see each other. Making it impossible for this song to be about Conor… Holy Ground - Gender Neutral Again, if you remember from earlier, at Dianna’s birthday party, Taylor dressed as a cat on a leash.A lot of believe this song was kicked to the deluxe version of 1989 where it wouldn’t see as much attention from people just because of how obvious this song is.All You Had To Do Was Stay This song fits the theme of their relationship, aka them being very off and on.She also said, “Hi Taylor,” and blew the camera a kiss.Girls Night w/ Ashley and Claire - April 24th, 2012All four girls got together that night to play dress up.

Dianna however did buy a house in LA near Taylor’s in July of 2013….

Except if you ignore the video, and just really listen to the lyrics, the song takes on a whole new meaning.

Especially if you take a look at the original lyrics…So when you ignore the video, and just listen to lyrics like these ones - ‘We won’t be sleeping” and “I’ve gotta have you” the meaning of this song completely changes…

One of Dianna’s good friends Chris Benz brought a friend named Jimmy James along, and Jimmy had been tweeting that night.

Dinner at Otto - April 7th, 2012Dianna was in NYC that weekend because she was on the View that Monday, but it’s still unknown as to why Taylor was there as well. Dianna on Jimmy Kimmel - April 12th, 2012Dianna denied the love triangle between her, Taylor, and Tim Tebow.

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