Dating a psychopath signs

Once he made it clear he would resist, they opened fire, killing him instantly and wounding his sister in the right arm and shoulder and their sister in law in the left leg.

These attacks occurred after the breakdown of the Sinaloa Cartel and the struggles against the Beltran Leyva brothers.His funeral was far from being one of those of a big capo, in spite of efforts, there were few at his funeral, few in the San Martin de el Zapata, in the Guadalupe Colonia, where the stationed Military check points were surprised by the low influx of mourners, and sent the reserve force to the outskirts of the surrounding area, where they remained vigilant.The flower shops of the surrounding areas had a huge amount of business, there were arrangements for "El Ondeado", for "M-1", of 500 roses at a cost of 10,000 pesos and other flowers totalling 30,000 pesos, even though it was for slightly less impressive displays.There was no band or parting shots, there were excesses, except by the Military presence and by the tons of flowers that accompanied him to Humaya Gardens, where the remains of his son Athanasius rested.It was a sober funeral of Manuel Torres, seeming like the goodbye to a good man.

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The attack on his son occurred outside the Health Ministry in the Montebello residential district.

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