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Monroe then proceeds to try to lecture Roddy on "not being stupid" and how he has talent. Monroe is Hap's emergency contact, and offers to put him up after his house is burnt down.

When they return Hap has been killed and both of them are taken in for questioning, then released.

Their pheromones are more powerful and can even make men attracted to them.

Monroe enters a bar, following Billy Capra, but has to leave because the Ziegevolk's pheromones were "way too potent." Monroe tells Nick about Reinigen, and how they are at the bottom of the food chain.

Rosalee Calvert, wife Triplets, kids Bart, father Alice, mother Felix Dietrich, uncle Olaf, great uncle Engerbert, great uncle Wilhelm, great uncle Ada, great aunt George Calvert, father-in-law Gloria Calvert, mother-in-law De Etta Calvert, sister-in-law Freddy Calvert, brother-in-law Nick Burkhardt, friend Adalind Schade, friend Hank Griffin, friend Juliette Silverton, former friend Bud Wurstner, friend Trubel, friend Drew Wu, friend Eve, friend Angelina Lasser, ex-girlfriend Hap Lasser, friend Charlotte, friend Larry Mackenzie, friend Alan Evercroft, friend Reynaldo, friend Dan Murray, friend Sam Leoni, friend Xavier Arivaca, former friend Dr.

Ian Krieger, friend Monroe is a Wieder Blutbad who used to live a fairly solitary, reformed life among humans, until he met Detective Nick Burkhardt during a case.

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