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In order for this to happen, Chris set up a scheme where most of The Elders would die so that Leo could become an Elder and he could become the Charmed Ones' new whitelighter, allowing him to get close enough to Wyatt to protect him.

In the season six finale, adult Chris is killed by an Elder named Gideon (Gildart Jackson) and baby Chris is born.

Phoebe starts out as the youngest and most rebellious of the Halliwell sisters.

Because of her free-spirited nature, she often comes into major conflicts with Prue (Shannen Doherty), but the two eventually mend their relationship.

After season seven, Darryl and his family move to the East Coast.

Billie is introduced into season eight as a college student and a new charge for Paige (Rose Mc Gowan).

In the final season, she marries mortal parole officer Henry Mitchell (Ivan Sergei).

Andy Trudeau (played by Ted King) is a detective for the San Francisco Police Department.

He was introduced in season one as the Halliwell sisters' childhood friend, and Prue's high school sweetheart and first love.

Throughout the series, Darryl helps the sisters cover up unsolved cases related to demonic activity, grants them favors, and gives them general support.

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