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Little is known about his life or artistic paths, but his creativity is already indelible.The philosophy of this young Danish designer lies in the simplicity of colours, the elegance and the avant-gardistic taste.Manamis partitions his collections into three separate concepts: pieces adept for everyday wear, deconstructed tailoring, and handmade garments.Silhouettes, muted tones and raw textiles are the emphasis of Aleksandre Manamis' collections, offering draped and exaggerated forms contrasted against tailored construction and fit.

Little is done to promote this collection and we sense a desire to remain anonymous and let the clothing speak for itself.The fabrics are superb and form a leading role in each garment, especially as colour is used very sparingly.The raison d'étre behind Aleksandr Manamïs can be found in the true merit of controlled effortlessness.It is the fundamental support to the philosophy of Aleksandr Manamis that, through it, can express darkness and light, the balanced combination of the universe who he wants to rapresent.The clear and bold colours help to enhance the design, the details and the remarkable craftsmanship of each single item, like the sleeveless, large t-shirts and the asymmetrical cardigans, tied at the waist with flaps of fabric, or frayed and falling to the sides.

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