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Being a bustling university town and home to the hippie hood of Freetown Christiania, nightlife and unique culture can be found at every turn.

Explore the sites with your Trip Manager & sign up to an optional tour of Carlsberg Brewery - straight to business!

Laser beams and buttons, doors opening by themselves, labyrinths, locked boxes and hidden items that needs to be found. Three of our rooms are available for kids of 7-12 years old: "Prison Break", "The haunted photolab" and "Mafia Escape".

A special escape mode has been developed for all rooms adjusting the game scenario and puzzles for kids.

This little town is steeped in history, with the jewel in the crown being Lom Stave Church, one of the few left in the world and dating back to the 12th Century. These wooden churches are about as medieval as they come and religious or not, this cute little spot (and town) will delight!We've got all day tomorrow to suss out the city, so today can stay reserved for Contiki hangs if you're feeling social.Constantly named amongst the most livable cities in the world, Copenhagen is an artwork of locals on bicycles, Danish pastries in cute café windows, & Renaissance architecture.Real-life room escape for kids is one of the most exciting adventures you can surprise your child with.After several years of operating in Stockholm we have noticed that children love to play our rooms: there are so many interesting objects and puzzles inside! However, we have prepared a special kids version where they can enjoy our rooms as much as adults.

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He will follow kids undercover to escape room and take some action pictures while children are busy solving puzzles.

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